Mary Ann Breen



I was born and raised in California, the land of incredible landscapes. The Pacific Ocean pounds on the west coast, the Sierra Nevada mountains rise out of the eastern side, and in between are redwood forests, the Mojave desert and Death Valley. Such places had an impact on me and my art.

I use images of landscape to create imaginary places and events which the viewer can fill in with their own feelings and reflections. I like the intimacy of tiny worlds and the ability they possess to allow others to find commonality in them. The viewer can find their own story in them. I use titles to convey some inspiration or reflection I may have had while creating the work. 

The ideas may focus on human delusions, insignificance or arrogance, or day to day thoughts and fears. But I expect different ideas may come to the viewer and I welcome that. I hope the viewer and I can have a small connection through the images, whether we ever meet or not.

Artist Statement

My work is about everyday life, the road, the detours, rabbit holes,conundrums, chaos, and perplexities.  I generally use a landscape setting for the exploration of an idea. The viewer may find him or herself in a desert, floating on a raft, or facing fear in the form of a wild animal, a storm, or solitude. Any material that allows me to present my thought will be used to portray the idea. The viewer is invited to step into the scene and watch or create a story for themselves.

~ Mary Ann Breen

Resume - Mary Ann Breen




University of California, Berkeley, CA                      1977-1979

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA                  1979-1981

Hunter College, New York, NY                                     1981-1983

Studio assistant to Sam Richardson                          1980-1981




San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA April 1980

Artvarks, San Jose, CA May 1980

Young Gallery, San Jose CA August 1980

Markham Gallery, San Jose, CA December 1980

San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA March 1981

Hunter Gallery, New York, NY February 1982

Brookdale Center, New York, NY May 1982

Hunter Gallery, New York, NY April 1983 a

PS 1, New York, NY October 1984

Hunter Gallery, New York, NY November 1984

80 Washington Square East Gallery, NY, NY   February 1985

Museum of the Hudson Highlands,

   Cornwall on Hudson, NY May 1985

The Emerging Collector, NY, NY November 1986

Pacific Grove Art Center, Pacific Grove, CA Annually, 1986-93

80 Washington Sq. East Gallery, NY, NY February 1987

Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, CA Annually, 1987-89

Fine Arts in Metal Gallery, San Jose, CA February 1989

Katia Lacoste Gallery, San Jose, CA December 1990

Hunter Gallery, NY, NY October 1991

Art Foundry Inc., Sacramento, CA October 1995

New Orleans Art Center, New Orleans, LA February 2018 - Currently

Center For Sustainable Development, "Where Land Touches Water"  May/June 2021

Scale Workspace      July 2021

Studio Waveland, "3D"   Summer 2021